Artist Placement with The KinShip Project


This coming May to July 2022 I will be taking up an Artist Placement research residency with the KinShip Project around the creative and regenerative capacity of repair and reuse material culture, the circular and community economy, through collaboration with project partners and public engagement. The research work is informed by the feminist economic thinking of J.K. Gibson-Graham a ‘community economy’ centres around ethical considerations “where our interdependence is recognised and negotiated with other humans, other species, and our environment".  

The project is located in Tramore Valley Park, a rehabilitated landfill site, and is one of 15 projects taking place all around the country that are being funded by the €2 million Creative Climate Action fund through Creative Ireland.

The KinShip Project a durational public artwork at Tramore Valley Park by Cork City Council in partnership with artists Lennon Taylor (Marilyn Lennon and Sean Taylor), supported by the Creative Climate Action Fund. Local project partners include Cork Nature Network, Cork Healthy Cities, Cork’s UNESCO Learning City, Green Spaces for Health, MTU Clean Technology Lab and UCC Environmental Research Institute.