Create National Networking Day


I will be presenting Creative Enquiry Artist Residency research in progress in a roundtable discussion as part of this year’s CREATE National Networking Day. 

Location: Millennium Hall, Cork City Council, September 26, 2019 

Mid-point: Creative Enquiry Artists-in-Residence in conversation features Mary Brady of Cork City Council and The Creative Enquiry Artists in Residence Susan McManamon, Marie Brett and Colette Lewis in a roundtable discussion of how best to facilitate meaningful opportunities of creative engagement and dialogue with older people. The artists will share their creative approach to engaging older people in the processes of art making; consider the residency model as an effective access point for older people to creatively encounter arts practice; evaluate how these parallel residencies advance the work; and consider the legacy of the project

Create National Networking Day hosted by Create and partners Crawford Art Gallery (Cork), Counterpoints Arts (London), Cork City Arts Office and Heart of Glass (St Helens) for Create’s 2019 Networking Day for Collaborative Arts.