2020 - ongoing

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PLoT (People’s Land Trust) is a social art project that engages publics in collective strategies and artistic methodologies. The project explores issues of urban land use and custodianship for the next200 years, transcending individual needs and considering wider ethical questions.

The project is a collaboration between Marilyn Lennon, Colette Lewis and Elinor Rivers, Cork based artists working in partnership since 2018. We work in social art practice and are aligned through an interest in collaborative approaches to investigating complex interrelationships of space, place and people. We employ a range of artistic methods including performative actions, pedagogy, discussion and other forms of praxis including embodied processes, thinking through making, mapping, participatory games, planning and visualisation.
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Future, Land, Commons

Site-specific public artworks (billboards triptych, digital prints 40"x30") Summerhill North, Watercourse Road and Sunday's Well Road, September – October 2020

Seeding a vision for one of the first urban Community Land Trust's in Ireland, a series of three billboards were on display across various public locations in Cork city northside. These are provocations to spark conversation. As a community, how do we imagine and think about models for collective ownership, stewardship and future urban land use?

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PLoT Radical Summer School

PLoT Radical Summer School was a month long series of local public workshops and events in Cork city northside. Using a DIY ethos, PLoT constructed and built three mobile handcarts as an infrastructure for public engagement. As part of the school the handcarts have been used for civic co-learning and future visioning to think in a community context about future urban land use and related questions of population, climate, social relations, cultural practices, urban infrastructure and interspecies inhabitation.

In 2021 as part of the PLoT Radical School the handcarts were used across various locations for civic colearning and future visioning to think, in a community context, about future urban land use. This summerschool explored questions of community values and ethics, resource mapping, climate change, cultural practices, urban boundaries, and interspecies inhabitation.

PLoT handcarts and summerschool artefacts were on public display in Hollyhill Library July – September 2021.